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Play SWTOR Up To Level 15 For Free From July

Carl Phillips
Dr. Ray Muzyka, E3 2012, EA Press Conference, Free to play, MK-51, MMORPGs, Star Wars The Old Republic

Play SWTOR Up To Level 15 For Free From July

Enough Time To See One & A Half Planets

During EA’s press conference, BioWare Co-founder Dr Ray Muzyka took to the stage to announce some of the upcoming features for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Among these announcements was the reveal that from July anyone will be able to enjoy the MMO in full up to Level 15.

Also announced was the inclusion of Nightmare difficulty for Flashpoints, along with a new warzone, a new operation, a new playable race of the Cathar, a new space mission, a new companion in the shape of a MK-51 driod, and a new planet filled with quests. The best part? All of this is coming this year, and at no additional cost. Let’s hope it’s enough to keep those subscriptions active.

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