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From PlayDates to Farmville Government Scandal - News Roundup 26th March 2010

Jonathan Lester
FarmVille, Gamecrush, Natal, Scandal

Natal “World Premiere” Hits 13th June

From PlayDates to Farmville Government Scandal - News Roundup 26th March 2010

Microsoft has been suspiciously silent about Natal recently, taking hit after hit from both Sony and Nintendo without so much as a word. However, a recent press announcement indicates that Microsoft plans to unveil its vaunted peripheral in under three months.

The adverts proudly proclaim that Natal will be the pinnacle of your life thus far- putting the motion capture device on the same level as our first day of school, first crush and first victory. Microsoft is known for its hyperbole when announcing a new system- but considering our current intelligence on Natal's capabilities, I'm not sure I'd trade in any of my firsts for a go at flailing my arms around or playing virtual yoga.

Regardless, our “First Look at the Future of Fun” will arrive on June 13th at an invitation-only US press event (hitting just before E3). We're looking forward to seeing what Natal can do... and finding out how much it will cost. [1UP]

Bulgarian Councillor Sacked... for Milking Virtual Cows

From PlayDates to Farmville Government Scandal - News Roundup 26th March 2010

Everyone knows that Farmville is crazy addictive- but now it's literally taking down the Bulgarian government. Councillor Dimitar Kerin from the Ataka nationalist party has been voted out because he's been taking care of his farm during important meetings. Despite several warnings, he just can't resist milking his herd instead of paying attention to important state matters.

However, Kerin isn't going down quietly- he's trying to take down his fellow farmers as well by blowing the lid off of Farmville's political corruption. Apparently, Kerin is only level 40, whereas one of his political opponents has already reached level 46... and apparently "several" other ministers have also been brought under Farmville's control.  We'll bring you more on this shocking political scandal as it develops.

Actually, no we won't. Bust learn from Kerin's mistake and keep Farmville out of the workplace! [noinvite]

Pay to Play with "Flirty, Dirty Girls"

From PlayDates to Farmville Government Scandal - News Roundup 26th March 2010

Oh boy. Just when the decades-old stereotype of desperate, virgin gamers has almost been completely overhauled, this happens.

Gamecrush gives gamers the option to play online with an a la carte selection of "flirty, dirty" girls for the low price of $8 for 10 minutes. Known as "Playdates", these gaming companions will do their best to humour you as you do your best to play one-handed. The site is ostensibly a social network...but when you have to choose between “flirty” and “dirty” as your only two options, you pretty much know what you're in for.

I'd love to mock the creators for coming up with such a degrading, pointless idea... but apparently their servers are down due to the overwhelming demand. Arguably, the phrase "Achievement Whore" has a whole new meaning? [The Examiner. Thanks for the tip, Emma!]

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