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The Last Of Us Can Be Played During Download

Jonathan Lester
Naughty Dog, PS3 games, PSN, The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us Can Be Played During Download

The Last Of Us promises to give us a taste of one of the PS4's next-gen features: the ability to play a game while it's still downloading.

Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann told Game Informer that The Last Of Us' PSN version can be played once the download hits 50%, thanks to a "little magic" on Sony's end. It's likely to be a trial run for the PlayStation 4's revamped marketplace that will offer only a slight delay between making a purchase and being able to get stuck in (though whether this is necessarily worth paying full RRP is debatable...).

Of course, PC gamers will be able to cite some examples of games that can be played in a non-optimal state during the download process - Diablo III springs to mind - but this is cutting-edge stuff in the console space.

Stay tuned for some major The Last Of Us Coverage in the very near future...

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Quietus  May. 17, 2013 at 12:46

I guess there's no real reason not to. Surely with all games essentially being made of a bunch of files, once all of the materials (textures, sounds, etc.) have been downloaded, then it only needs to download the first map / area / world, and it should be able to go, since you have all you need. It can then download the rest of the maps while you're playing.


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