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PlayStation Now is coming to the UK, closed beta begins "soon"

Jonathan Lester
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PlayStation Now is coming to the UK, closed beta begins "soon"

It's official: after rolling out Stateside last year, Sony are planning on bringing PlayStation Now to the UK. We'll be able to rent and stream "hundreds" of PS3 games onto PS4s, PS Vitas, PlayStation TVs and other "compatible devices," so long as our broadband speeds are fast enough.

Always a gamble in the UK, I must admit, seeing as Sky threw the whole of Essex into the dark ages over the weekend.

Either way, if you're interested, you can now register for an exclusive closed beta starting this Spring.

"We’re giving selected PlayStation Plus members who own a PS4 the chance to be among the first to experience PS Now – and you could be one of the lucky participants," reads the announcement.

"The UK private beta trial kicks off on PS4 soon and, for the initial stages3, it won’t cost you anything to take part, so register your interest now and you could be selected to be on the front line of a gaming revolution4."

Click here to get involved. As stated, you'll need a PlayStation Plus subscription and entry isn't guaranteed; it's a lottery, not a sure thing. Still, you might as well give it a go!

In case you don't know, PlayStation Now is a streaming service that acts much like OnLive. Games run on remote servers, while real-time video is streamed directly to your PS4 or supported device and your controller inputs are streamed back. Naturally your internet speed will determine any lag or latency, though, and the US pricing came under a lot of flack for being completely exorbitant.

Here's hoping that the UK prices will be reasonable... oh, and I just realised the irony. UK prices? Reasonable? Right. Still, fingers crossed regardless.

We hope that PlayStation Now will eventually expand to include a huge legacy library, as well as eventually PS4 titles. If successful, Sony may never need to launch another console again, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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