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Playstation Move Starter Pack £38.49 @ Choices UK [PS3 Games]

Felix Kemp
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Playstation Move Starter Pack £38.49 @ Choices UK [PS3 Games]

It's not long before all of us will require a motion-controller in some form for our home console. However depressing that is, if you're looking to be a step ahead, you can pre-order the Playstation Move Starter Pack off Choices UK for just £38.49.

When you consider just how much Sony stuffed into these starter packs, Choices UK's deal is pretty damn good. Along with the Move controller, which I'll discuss later, there's the requisite PS Eye Camera, and a so-called 'starter disc', presumably loaded with demos of Move games. Not bad for just under 40 quid.

So, the Playstation Move. Essentially, it's a beefed-up Wiimote, except instead of relying simply on a set of inertial sensors which monitor the Move's orientation, it has a spherical protuberance fitted on the top, which glows and is tracked by the PS Eye Camera. The camera tracks the movement of the orb to such a precise degree you can simulate drawing on a bowstring and releasing it like an arrow.

Unlike Kinect, which, at face value, is a mouth-watering prospect, but with Microsoft's strategy in mind, is simply a colossal disappointment, Move seems fairly well set-up to build on all the advances made by developers on the Wii. As such, it's not getting much attention at the moment, outside of the media and loyal fans, but with enough coverage and the right games, the Playstation Move might just be able to cement a place in the market.

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fanpages  Aug. 30, 2010 at 07:43

"Kinect Technical Specifications made public (comparison to PlayStation Move & Wii Remote controllers)"
[ http://www.hotukdeals.com/misc/kinect-technical-specifications-mad/710461 ]

"The Possibilities, Surprises & Limits of PlayStation's Move According to The Inventor"
[ http://www.hotukdeals.com/misc/the-possibilities-surprises-limits-/644413 ]



fanpages  Aug. 30, 2010 at 07:48

Also see:

"Playstation Move: Starter Pack £38.49 Delivered @ ChoicesUK" (bazza999)
[ http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/playstation-move-starter-pack-38-49/747546 ]



rhodeuk  Aug. 30, 2010 at 10:39

I agree Microsoft's strategy in terms of appealing to casual gamers is a tad annoying at the moment but the tech involved is amazing. Sony are really doing a lot of leg work to try and show it's not a Wiimote. All their press releases say it's more accurate than a Wiimote, it can do this that a wiimote can't. The trouble is Joe Public really don't give a crap about accuracy, they care about the brand, wow factor, cost and games. In that order.

Move will sell because it's Sony and Move is a strong brand. It doesn't have the wow factor because the Wii's had a similar control scheme for years, yes it is more accurate but is that enough? I don't think so and neither do the Sony executives who are temporing their sales expectations in order to avoid a big media story around poor figures. It's cheap if you look at the starter pack, less so when you start getting games and other controllers but Sony aren't focusing on that for obvious reasons, it's a great strategy. They can shoehorn a lot of games into using this controll scheme relatively easily so the Move can have a lot of games right out of the gate, again great strategy.

Will I be buying Move? No, I have a Wii and don't see that another control scheme on the PS3 is really worth the price of admission. I'd like to have a go though just to check it out so when it's cheaper I might give it a shot. Move is capitualating on 4 years of developer work on the Wii. You will see very little new or imaginative coming out that you haven't played before already. It's another control scheme nothing more.

Will I be buying Kinect? Yes, not all the games appeal to me but it looks bloody good fun to have mates round to play Kinect Adventures. I think it's got legs and far more interesting possiblities from a developer point of view. People who've said it's just an eyeToy by another name, really don't have a grasp on what it is or does.

Gunn  Aug. 30, 2010 at 19:26

Sony is playing safe and after the way the PS3 initially went I don't blame them for taking the easier route. Thing is many people want an HD Wii, and Sony is serving it up to those users. Now any developers thinking of developing for the Wii can now deliver the same game across all machines, this is great news for developers and gamers.
But Nintendo are always being clever, Sony have been pushing the 3d tech big time and it must be hitting them in the wallet. Nintendos 3ds, is a cheap way of testing the water (much like move).
All in all, whatever your into there is plenty choice now.

Matt Gardner  Aug. 31, 2010 at 00:07

Agreed. The 3DS is a relatively cheap (I say relatively because I anticipate it retailing for under £200 rather than the £700+ TVs Sony are hawking) introduction to 3D, whilst still maintaining dominance in the handheld sector. The fact that the 3D is not only optional, but also scaleable, is a big win for the 3DS and it'll be interesting to see what Sony try to do to match them in a portable market that has been woeful for the PSP thus far. Home cinema 3D will always be a 'luxury' never a necessity.

Motion control is an interesting one and there are some huge conflicts of opinion on all sides. For starters, the Wii has an enormous headstart on both of them. Sony and MS would have been crazy not to try and grab a slice of the casual pie, but I don't think it's going to be the big hitter everyone's assuming it will be. As Sony have said, original IPs will be absolutely key and, with that in mind, Microsoft are coming in a downbeat third. There is so much potential in Kinect, but I fear it's going to be squandered on infighting, poor organisation and Microsoft's stubborn refusal (if the rumours are true...Konami?) to fully open up the platform to third party devs. I want to see see this tech in the hands of the indie crowd. Only then will we begin to see the true innovation and die hard spontaneity that this new tech deserves. If that happens, bets on for Sony to snap up the talent while Microsoft twiddle their thumbs and rest on their rapidly wilting laurels.

Also...shoehorning Kinect into Halo IS NOT the answer. Getting gamers to give up their controllers is going to be a mountainous struggle. Nintendo did it well - 'our way or the highway' - but I don't think Sony and MS can afford to do that. MoCon isn't the future...it's a purely cynical economic device to widen audience rather than propel the medium forward.

rhodeuk  Aug. 31, 2010 at 07:41

The thing is I think Bungie have quite a bit of autonomy over their games so I don't think shoehorning kinect into Halo will be an option. What I would like to see is some use of the controller AND Kinect. Now that could lead to some interesting ideas.

I'm curious though, what makes you say that Move has more original IP's? I think their pretty necka and neck on that front. Move has been layered onto more existing games granted but that's because it's the least ambitious in my view.

I agree releasing these items is a purely economic device but then they are in business to make money.

Agree about the 3DS that's really got me curious and I'm not a 3D fan at all, PSP 3D? Not that I give a crap as mine's been collecting dust for years but it would be interesting to see Sony's next move in that arena.

Fred  Sep. 1, 2010 at 09:31

That is not really comparing Kinect with anything just some specs off Play.com website.

Intresting facts are in the USA the pre orders for KINECT vs MOVE are -

KINECT ADVENTURES which bundles with Kinect pre order sales are at 100,000 with 10 weeks until launch, so things are looking very good for Kinect.

SPORTS CHAMPIONS which comes with the MOVE bundle(USA ONLY, demo disc for Europe) has only managed to pre order 24,000 with only 3 weeks until launch and is not even in the top 20.

Intrstingly Gran Turismo 5 launches the same month as Kinect and Kinect is now getting higher weekly pre orders

Fred  Sep. 1, 2010 at 09:41

I hope MS don't take the the Sony "bolt it onto anything" just because you can approach, most of the games they are patching are just pointless and is just a gimmick to make things look better than what they really are on the software support.

fanpages  Sep. 1, 2010 at 10:05

Did you try reading both pages of the thread?

Some existing PS3 titles are being patched, some are having dedicated releases, & here are just *some* of the others...

Deadliest Catch: Sea Of Chaos
Fruit Ninja
Get Fit With Mel B
Heroes On The Move
Hunting Challenge
ICarly 2: iJoin The Click
Kung Fu Rider
Legends Of The Guardians
My Body Coach
Petanque Master
Project LAB
Racquet Sports ("Racket Sports")
Sanzaru Games
Sing & Draw [*** title t.b.c ***]
SingStar Dance
SingStar Guitar Star
SOCOM:[U.S. Navy SEALs] 4 Special Forces ("Special Ops")
Sports Champions
Start the Party!™
The Fight[: Lights Out™] (previously known as "Dukes" & "Motion Fighters")
The Shoot™
The Sly Collection™
Time Crisis: Razing Storm (including "Time Crisis 4" [arcade version] & "Deadstorm Pirates"; sometimes referred to as "Big 3 Gun Shooting")
TV Superstars™
Under Siege
Virtua Tennis 4 ("...to launch with both stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation®Move functionality" | "...will be available on PlayStation 3 in Spring 2011")
Zumba Fitness



Das  Sep. 2, 2010 at 10:05

Move Kung Fu Rider IGN Review

"Kung Fu Rider is not a good game. The controls are terribly unresponsive, the game punishes players unfairly and the level design is repetitive. While playing Kung Fu Rider, the PlayStation Eye takes random pictures of you at key moments in the mission. It was quite telling that in all those photographs, I looked really angry."



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