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PlayStation Network Collection Power Pack £2.06 @ Amazon [PSP Games]

Marius Goubert
Network Collection Power Pack, PSP games

PlayStation Network Collection Power Pack £2.06 @ Amazon [PSP Games]If you own a PSP then Amazon are offering a great opportunity to get your hands on three games for just £2.06 with this Network Collection Power Pack.

The three games consist of Flow, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and Beats. However to save on Amazon delivery charges you might want to bulk your order out with some additional purchase, as orders over £5 are dispatched free.

Given the variety of games here, there’s sure to be something to suit every taste. Beats is another one of these interactive music titles which sounds similar in format to Rhythm Maker on the DS. The game searches through your memory card for music tracks and then challenges you to match the various rhythms using the PSP controls. By all accounts this gets very addictive, although the game can be extremely difficult if you use tracks with fast tempos.

Syphon Filter Combat Ops is another great title and only playable in multiplayer mode. The game is a tactical third person shooter which offers the player a variety of customization options which include things like weapons, armour and attachments. The game modes vary between death match and cooperative but the only down side according to the reviews is that sometimes it’s hard to find other players.

Flow on the other hand is probably the weakest of all three titles. Although the visuals are good, the game has no real point to it, and to quote an Amazon reviewers description of the gameplay: ‘you control three rings and collect things which look like sperm’. However for an average price of about 65p per game you can’t really complain, but you might want to get in there quick as this deal is attracting a fair amount of interest.

Thanks to dontdothatagain on Hotukdeals.

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DDTA  Jul. 28, 2009 at 18:34

me again!

Real Mancs Are Blue  Jul. 28, 2009 at 18:46

why do i get the feeling you just steal the deals other people are putting on hukd , if thats 'hunting high and low' then im the queen of Sheba


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