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PlayStation TV will be bundled with the 1TB PS4 at launch

Jonathan Lester
PlayStation TV, PS4

PlayStation TV will be bundled with the 1TB PS4 at launch

Earlier today we ran a cracking deal for a 1TB PS4 and PlayStation TV, which set you back £289.97. At the time, we idly wondered if it was an official promotion seeing as GAME are offering a similar bundle, and Sony have now confirmed that participating retailers will be chucking the nifty little gizmo in with the new PS4 model while stocks last.

Lots of caveats there, but it's a great idea regardless.

See, the PlayStation TV is a great bit of kit. It offers the ability to stream PS4 gameplay to another room, allowing you to remotely escape the living room when it's busy, while it can also run host of PS Vita games. Sadly compatibility is not universal and you'll have to check on a game-by-game basis, but it's an inexpensive way into an amazing games library.

"It's a must-buy purchase for any PS4 owner," I wrote in a recent article... "but it deserves and needs much more support from Sony to fully realise its potential."

Is this an example of Sony increasing support and visibility for the PS TV? Possibly. Bundling it with new PS4s might increase the Vita's target audience enough to make larger-scale development and investment worthwhile again, like a multi-room trojan horse. On the other hand, though, perhaps retailers are just desperate to get rid of their stock.

Also note the restrictions. "Participating retailers." "While stocks last."

Either way, we won't look a gift horse in the mouth, nor a free gadget. Check out our PlayStation TV review for more details.

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