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PlayStation Vita Pets To Challenge Nintendogs

Jonathan Lester
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PlayStation Vita Pets To Challenge Nintendogs

There's going to be a new dog on gaming campus, apparently, once the PS Vita gets its own idealised pet ownership simulator. PlayStation Vita Pets will let us raise and play with an adorable gaggle of puppies - and by the looks of the screenshots, rescue them from frankly horrifying miniature hippo attacks.

Announced by way of the EU PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Vita Pets is ostensibly being designed to feel like a full-budget full-fat PS3 game, packing realistic animations and sharp (or fuzzly wuzzly, I suppose) visuals. The four puppies will each have their own personalities, which will become apparent as you play with them, feed them and pet them. However, unlike many pet games, you can then take your pals on an adventure.

"That’s right," creative director Kevin Oxland wrote, "outside of the home where you dress, bath, play with and train your dog is a whole island of adventure to explore and puzzles to solve. Together you’ll be able to explore a massive forest, venture into multiple locations like spooky old mines and graveyards to ultimately make your way to the legendary castle in the centre of the island. We don’t want to spoil anything else right now so we’ll leave further details of the story until one of our next posts on the blog."

Spiral House, the developers behind venerable RPG Silver, are handling the project. Release is expected some time next year in Europe, and we suspect that they might look into a snappier title.

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