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PODCAST | We Need To Talk About 4X Games

Matt Gardner
4X games, Endless Space, Iceberg Interactive, Lords of the Black Sun, PC games, Podcast, Strategy games

Jon and I have been playing a fair few 4X games of late, and so we decided to have a little recorded chat about the state of the genre, why it seems to be coming back in such a big way lately, and why so many of those games are actually falling rather short.

Endless Space has been a bright beacon in recent memory, but even that game had its faults. We're seeing a number of games such as Drox Operative and The Last Federation incorporate 4X elements into hybrid setups, but is that the answer? And how is it that so many of these games are emerging, lacking a universe boasting any sort of distinctive personality or flavour?

Over the course of half an hour, we hope to root out a few answers. Let us know what you make of it all in the comments below!

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