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All Points Bulletin Reloaded Live Action Trailer

Felix Kemp
APB: All Points Bulletin, APB: Reloaded
APB: All Points Bulletin

All Points Bulletin Reloaded Live Action Trailer

Schoolgirls Gone Wild

You remember All Points Bulletin, right? The ambitious crime MMO from Real Time Worlds, who before embarking on this fatal adventure had helmed the much-loved Crackdown, was eventually shut down when the studio went under, before being picked up by a different team and retooled for a free-to-play market as APB: Reloaded. Well, it just so happens we have a brand new trailer for Reloaded. It's pretty awesome.

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zpe  Nov. 14, 2011 at 20:52

Too bad the game is awful and relies heavily on a pay-to-win structure (the problem with most F2P games).

jamesgrahamslack  Nov. 15, 2011 at 08:52

As a wiser man than me once said "saving money works out really expensive". Free to play is pretty much limited to crappy flash games, stuff like this works like crack, hoping to get users hooked so they throw cash at it. You just have to sum up how much it costs compared to just buying a game or a subscription to another MMO, if the game is worth it then great. I really like the idea of APB, so I hope this works out this time.


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