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Pokemon Black & White 2 To Usher In All-New Content And Characters

Matt Gardner
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Pokemon Black & White 2 To Usher In All-New Content And Characters

Don't be fooled by the familiar looking title,. If the latest reports are anything to go by, Pokemon Black & White 2 will feature new locations, new characters, and a whole host of new content.

According to andriasang, Coro Coro Comics has revealed the new male and female player characters, both of whom have "a sporty look", with the girl rocking a "Princess Leia" look on top. There'll be a childhood friend who serves as your rival, as well as the enigmatic Akuroma - "a mysterious man who appears to be a researcher who's conducting research into the strengths of Pokemon".

Two new gym leaders have been detailed - Homika and Shizui - whose strengths lie in Poison and Water type Pokemon respectively.

Although still set in Isshu Region established in Pokemon Black & White, things kick off in the new town of Hiougi City, which is located in the as-yet-unexplored Southern regions of Isshu. As well as your house, Hiougi will offer a Pokemon Centre, a viewing area for the whole city, and a trainer's school.

The game will release on June 23rd in Japan for Nintendo DS, with a Western released expected some time in the autumn.

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