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From New Pokemon Characters To Move Release Rumors - News Roundup 15th May 2010

Matt Gardner
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Pokemon Black/White Characters, Starters And Setting Revealed

From New Pokemon Characters To Move Release Rumors - News Roundup 15th May 2010

Updating the game's official site yesterday evening, Nintendo revealed some more details about the upcoming Pokemon Black/White games including a peek at some new character details, revealing the game's setting and introducing us to the three new starting Pokemon.

Forget Johto and Kanto, the new games will take place on the region of Iishu, which is apparently situated 'far, far away' from the series' previous settings. We might also be in for a change to the village hopping of previous titles with the site describing the area as follows: 'Many never before seen Pokemon inhabit this area where greenery surrounds a modern megalopolis with nature and man coexisting'.

As for the three new starters, we have Pokabu (a pig like Pokemon that looks like it might be harnessing fire), Mirumaru (a water based cat Pokemon with a seashell on its chest) and Tsutjara (a grassy lizard with a leaf at the end of its tail). We've got to be honest, for a series build upon the notion of carrying around a small army of creatures for periodical cockfights, these three starters don't seem quite as badass as we might have liked. But then again who could have predicted that Squirtle would end up as an armour-plater Blastoise with water cannons sprouting from its back?! Check out some of the pics over at 1up here.

Zynga And Facebook In Lovers Tiff

From New Pokemon Characters To Move Release Rumors - News Roundup 15th May 2010

News reports have been rolling in that things between social media giant Facebook and FarmVille creators Zynga have become somewhat frosty. Apparently, according to The Times, Zynga are rather less than happy at the new Facebook Credits scheme which sees the site take 30% of all transactions that take place there and have threatened to leave. Facebook, not prepared to be bossed around, is allegedly preparing to give Zynga the boot anyway due to the company being a 'bad actor' and putting profits before its users...if that strikes you as being somewhat hypocritical then you're not the only one.

If Zynga does leave, and they'll be taking all of their games including Mafia Wars and Cafe World alongside the farming/resource management sim, they're apparently looking at launching a social networking service of their own. Should this happen we'd wish them well, of course, but we've got to say, considering FarmVille's success has largely been based on a marriage of convenience with the second most popular site  in the world, we'd imagine that stepping into the ring with Facebook might be biting off more than Zynga can chew. [GamesIndustry.biz]

Nonetheless we want to hear what you guys and girls have to say on the matter. Hit us up with your views below.

Playstation Move Rumoured For A September Release

From New Pokemon Characters To Move Release Rumors - News Roundup 15th May 2010

It's been reported that Jason Bradbury, host of TV's The Gadget Show, (accidentally?) revealed on Twitter that the Playstation Move will be arriving this September. Shortly after getting to grips with Sony's new motion control hardware with a hands-on demo, Bradbury tweeted 'another thing I was meaning to say. Sept for Playstation Move!!! I’m sure of it. Can’t say why. Just.. September 2010,?'

Whilst we're under pains to reiterate that this is just a rumour, it would make perfect sense, landing a month before natal has been touted to be rearing its head. Scheduled to be showcased at E3, and now likely to arrive in time for this year's Tokyo Game Show, it would seem that all the pieces are moving into position before the final sprint in the motion control battle. [GossipGamers]

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