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Pokemon Grey Inbound?

Felix Kemp
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Pokemon Grey Inbound?

Nintendo Registers Domain Name

We all knew it was coming, but now it's - sort of - official. Nintendo has registered a domain for PokemonGray.com. We'll ignore the horrific American spelling and focus on the positives. A new Pokemon game is on the way! Well, not quite new. In the vein of Yellow, Crystal and Emerald before it, Gray will bring about a host of changes to Black and White, combining the two into one special package with a few key incentives.

We've not much else to go on, but it can't be long before Nintendo make a more official announcement and reveal Gray to the masses. It pains me to admit it, but at the grand old age of 23 I somehow still find myself excited by Pokemon games. I've contacted the local health authorities and they assure me this isn't worth their time. [Nintendo Buzz]

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