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From Pokemon Pics to Evolving DRM - News Roundup 11th April 2010

Jonathan Lester
Pokemon Black and White, Ubisoft DRM, Xbox Live

Ubisoft DRM will Evolve, Improve... and Stick Around

From Pokemon Pics to Evolving DRM - News Roundup 11th April 2010

Ubisoft's DRM protocol that requires a constant internet connection to play AC2, Silent Hunter 5 and Settlers 7 has been causing gamers no end of aggravation (and created a massive public backlash), but it's unfortunately here to stay. According to a recent statement, Ubisoft have rebranded their nasty little program as an "Online Services Platform" and will be doing their best to ensure that it actually works.

"Most forthcoming Ubisoft PC titles will use our online services platform. As with any online technology, we are constantly working to evolve and improve it."

That's little comfort to the thousands of gamers that have been left unable to play their legally-purchased games. [Eurogamer]

Reminder: Last Week of Original Xbox Online Play

From Pokemon Pics to Evolving DRM - News Roundup 11th April 2010

In case you forgot, Microsoft will stop supporting Original Xbox games on Xbox Live this Thursday. That leaves us three clear days to enjoy the likes of Halo 2, Conker: Live and Reloaded and Star Wars Battlefront 2 before we have to make do with splitscreen and singleplayer.

If you're a Halo 2 fan, I'd suggest that you start planning your "sick day" right now...

First Images of Pokemon Black and White

From Pokemon Pics to Evolving DRM - News Roundup 11th April 2010

The diehard superfans at Serebii.net have uncovered the first pics of the recently-announced Pokemon Black and White editions. Released in CoroCoro magazine, these images illustrate that Game Freak are sticking with their isometric graphical style but have upgraded to 2.5D. The battle system appears to be largely unchanged, but at least there are some sweet new sprites brighten things up. This incremental upgrade is unsurprising considering the franchise's determination to not fix what ain't broken, but I'm sure that many gamers will be demanding a slightly richer storyline and context this time around.

Actual details are still thin on the ground (as you might expect), but we can expect to learn more over the coming few weeks. We'll be keeping our eyes to the East! [CoroCoro via Serebii.net... via Joystiq]

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