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Pokemon X & Y Trailer Reveals Three New Mega Evolutions

Jonathan Lester
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Pokemon X & Y Trailer Reveals Three New Mega Evolutions

Ampharos, Absol & Mawile Powered Up

Nintendo has revealed three more 'Mega Evolutions' for Pokemon X & Y by way of a new trailer, showing how Ampharos, Absol and Mawile can access another level of evolutionary excellence. Suddenly the electric sheep is back in contention.

  • Mega Ampharos – When Ampharos Mega Evolves into Mega Ampharos, its head and tail are covered with white fur in this new, gallant appearance. When Ampharos undergoes Mega Evolution, it gains the Dragon type in addition to its original Electric type. When Mega Ampharos increases the amount of electrical energy within itself, the red orbs on its body and fur emit a strong light. It becomes an Electric / Dragon-type and has the ability Mold Breaker.
  • Mega Absol – The increased energy that courses through Absol’s body upon Mega Evolving makes its fur stand on end, giving it the appearance of wings. It has the ability Magic Bounce.
  • Mega Mawile – When Mawile undergoes Mega Evolution, its trademark huge mouth has multiplied, and now there are two great maws to contend with. It even seems that Mega Mawile is able to control each maw independently. It has the ability Huge Power.

There'll also be a Mega Kangaskhan, whose offspring provides an extra attack per turn. Details courtesy of Pokemon.com, via Gematsu.

Pokemon X & Y releases in October for 3DS. We can't wait.

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