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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky £14.99 @ Play [Nintendo DS Games]

Lydia Low
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Nintendo DS

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky £14.99 @ Play [Nintendo DS Games]

The Mystery Dungeon dungeon crawler series is the awkward cousin of the shiny happy main Pokémon games and, sadly, Explorers of Sky might just be the gawkiest of the lot.

If you are not so easily deterred from your Pokémania then the good news is that you can currently buy the game for less than £15 from Play. The next best price I have been able to locate from a retailer who actually has the game in stock is £22.49 from Powerplay Direct so Play's price offers a delightful £7.50 saving!

Every game in the Mystery Dungeon series begins with the player waking up with the equivalent of the world's worst hangover - you have no memory and you appear to have turned into a pokémon. Somehow the best solution to this is apparently to form a rescue team with like-minded poké pals and crawl off into an interminable series of dungeons. Explorers of Sky (a largely pointless remake of previous games Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness) is no different.

There's some nice touches to be found, which is why I am one of those fools who actually love Pokémon enough to play the series; the game is filled with delightful little stories and hoardes of pokémon friends to meet and while the graphics are not exactly top of the line, they are very cute and pleasing to the eye. However this is a dungeon crawler and the dungeons themselves are mind numbling repetitive and dreary. It's unlikely to eat away at your time but there is a good chance it will suck away your will to live.

Thanks to leeds_united_afc at Hotukdeals!

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