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Pokémon Platinum £19.99 @ Shopto.net [Nintendo DS Game]

Lydia Low
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Nintendo DS

Pokémon Platinum £19.99 @ Shopto.net [Nintendo DS Game]

The Pokémon gravy train rolls on with this Special Edition version of the latest outing, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. There’s not really that much new here for anyone with either (or both!) of those games but if you are the sort of person who has simply “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” then, well, you probably bought Pokémon Platinum Edition as soon as it was released. If however, you’ve been nursing a hankering to trap some innocent little critters in tiny balls then now is a good time to do so because Shopto.net is offering it for £19.99. This is nearly £4 cheaper than the next best price from thehut.com

Pretty much all Pokémon games follow a pretty basic formula: you move into a new town which just happens to be home to a state of the art science facility, you go out to explore the local greenery whereupon you stumble upon the scientist in a spot of bother, you help him out and he repays you with a Pokémon of your very own. Then the adventures begin! The kindly scientist will also equip you with a Pokédex to record the data of any pokémon you find on your travels as you battle to become the greatest trainer in the land and save the world while you’re at it. Pokémon Platinum is no different.

The gameplay is also the same old fare: you travel with a party of up to six pokémon and battle using the same turn based combat system based on elemental attacks. However the Platinum version has been revved up with slightly improved graphics, new areas to explore, new pokémon to find and catch and 2 new characters who add a bit to the plot but do little to actually change it.

It's hard not to dismiss games such as Pokémon Platinum released as nothing more than a cynical marketing ploy. Sure the new battle frontier and “Distortion World” do offer something new to those who have already played Pokémon Diamond or Pearl and the lure of nearly 60 of those loveable little sluggers is a hard one to resist for fans of the series but really the game feels far more like a nice surface polish than a complete remix. Luckily for Gamefreak and Nintendo there are suckers like me, and parents who are easily persuaded by pester power, willing to hand over their hard earned cash time after time.

Pokémon Platinum £19.99 @ Shopto.net [Nintendo DS Game]

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