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Pony Friends 2 | £2.49 | Eidos Store | PC

Tom Silkstone
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Pony Friends 2 | £2.49 | Eidos Store | PC

  • What: Pony Friends 2
  • Current Price: £2.49
  • Where: Eidos Store
  • Platform and Price Comparison: PC

This is the latest title that's made me think 'Why would anyone make this?' and 'Who would buy it?!', simultaneously. Essentially the game allows you to create your ideal equine friend and take part in appropriate activities with the majestic beast, without all the mess or having to fork out a ridiculous amount of money. Once you've finished tweaking your pixellated pet's appearance, you can enter both races and competitions with friends to earn trophies, or you can trek into the wilderness to photograph the local wildlife. Is it worth buying though? Probably not, even for this price.

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Gunn  Sep. 16, 2010 at 16:08

I guess Pony Friends 1 sold well enough to justify a sequel lol


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