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Wolpaw: Portal 2 Easier Than It Looks

Lydia Low
Portal 2, Valve
Portal 2

Wolpaw: Portal 2 Easier Than It Looks

The trailer may have showcased plenty of "ninja-ish" behaviour but Valve's Erik Wolpaw (a writer on Portal 2) is keen to stress that the game is a lot less intimidating than it looks and acrobatic feats of controller derring do will not be necessary.

In a conversation with Joystiq at PAX East, Wolpaw spoke of the joy experienced by players when they crack a puzzle and how this could sometimes be hampered by difficulties in execution: "If you...struggle with the controller for twenty minutes to execute the solution that you already know... almost universally we found that it was frustrating people." With this in mind, some of the gameplay will be more forgiving than that found in the original game, meaning that, for instance, you will not have to be quite so exacting with your entrance into a portal this time around.

However, this by no means is a sign that Portal 2 will be a walk in the park. This time around it seems that the difficulty will be offered by the puzzles themselves, with Wolpaw proclaiming, "I pretty much will lay down the gauntlet and say no one's going to solve Portal 2 in ten minutes." He also emphasised the possibilities of the new multiplayer options; "It's going to require this almost dance between two people to do that," he said of coop speed runs.


Of course, for all those who were intimidated by the trailer, there will have been others rubbing their hands in glee so Wolpaw's testament certainly won't be universally hailed as good news.  We're all big Portal fans here and can't wait to get back to the Aperture Science facility, ninja-skills at the ready or no.

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