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Portal 2 Getting PlayStation Move Support Next Week

Jonathan Lester
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Portal 2 Getting PlayStation Move Support Next Week

Portal 2: In Motion DLC Adds New Motion Control Campaign

Portal 2: In Motion is set to release next week on PSN, offering an entirely new campaign built for the PlayStation Move peripheral. However, a free patch will also add Move support to the original game.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the Portal 2: In Motion DLC will deliver a custom-designed campaign that includes new challenge rooms and unique motion control mechanics. Players will use the PS Move controller to size, rotate, scale and 'portal surf,' which all require a new way of thinking. It'll cost £7.99 (with a 30% PS Plus discount) when it releases next Wednesday.

A free patch for Portal 2 will add PlayStation Move functionality to the original singleplayer and cooperative campaign, which will be perfect for trying out how well the motion controls work before plonking down the eight quid.

Developer Sixense believes that this will be the "defining experience for PlayStation Move." Since killer PS Move titles are few and far between, we hope they're right.

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