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Portal 2

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Portal 2

Portal 2 Review | Who Needs Gordon Freeman?

Matt Gardner
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Portal 2

portal 2 header Platforms: PC | PS3 | X360

Developer: Valve

Publisher: Valve

The original Portal was inventive, quirky, thought-provoking and, quite frankly, mind-bogglingly good. It was the little game that could, in many ways, bundled in as it was with far louder, already-established critical darlings - three episodes of arguably one of the finest video game series that has ever existed and a beast of a multiplayer shooter sequel that has neither waned in popularity nor appeal. But when The Orange Box came out, Mr. Freeman and co. were seemingly critically sidelined, they were old news all of a sudden. All eyes were fixed firmly on the four-hour-long pristine, puzzling gem.

The basic premise provided by the small team working on it back in 2007 was perfect in its simplicity: armed with a gun that could place physics-bending portals, one created entry and exit points to navigate 'testing rooms', not to mention various lasers, machine gun turrets and other, often literal, pitfalls. It was glorious, a tightly wound, intensely focused treat and, in GLaDOS, Valve had unearthed that most rare of characters - a comedy gem, shot through with black humour, self-reflection and manipulative psychopathy.

portal 2 glados

If there was a criticism to be made, though, it was that we wanted more. Given the taste of this new gourmet, reality-bending delight, we gamers wanted to spend more time playing about with Valve's new toy. The tasting platter proffered in The Orange Box made us yearn for a full banquet. Thankfully now, with the full weight of Valve' focus behind it, the little game that could has spawned a far larger sibling. A beautiful melody has crescendoed into a magnificent symphony. And if you were one of those people who begged four years back for more, rest easy. Your prayers have been answered. Portal 2 is astoundingly good, and here are three good reasons why...

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