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Portal's Lead Designer Hits Out Against Violent Games

Jonathan Lester
Airtight Games, Exclusive, Kim Swift, Quantum Conundrum

Portal's Lead Designer Hits Out Against Violent Games

"There's Room For Other Types Of Games Out There"

Portal co-creator Kim Swift is on a mission to prove that the current spate of hyper-realistic, ultraviolent games doesn't have to be the status quo; that games can be "fun for everybody" even though they're heavily stylised and non-violent. Her upcoming title, Quantum Conundrum, plans to fight back against this attitude, demonstrating to other developers that it's "super-easy" to make a good, non-violent game. And just as importantly, demonstrating to gamers that "there's room for other types of games out there."

"I really think it's actually super-easy to make a game that is not violent, doesn't have a lot of sexually explicit content, has minimal swear words and is still fun and engaging for adults," Swift told us during an interview at E3 (to be published later today). "I think that those things are not mutually exclusive. I remember growing up in a day and age where games were really stylised, and were a lot of fun for everybody whether you were an adult or were a kid. One of the things that made me really want to make Quantum Conundrum super-stylised and cartoony was to fight back against this attitude, that "just because a game is cartoony it's for kids all of a sudden."

"Yeah, ultraviolent, hyper-realistic... I think there's room for other types of game out there. One of the main reasons I got into games was I used to play them with my Dad, passing the controller back and forth, and it seems that as the years go on, there's a smaller and smaller group of games that you can sit your kids down in front of and have a lot of fun, and you can have a lot of fun."

We think that she's onto something here. What say you, dear reader? Do you need violence and explicit content in order to consider buying a game?

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Nocturno  Jun. 14, 2012 at 16:58

I absolutely love horror games, and they're not good when there's no violence or gore in them. Some games need this.

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