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Potential Grand Theft Auto 5 Casting Call Leaked, Los Angeles The Setting?

Felix Kemp
Games news, Grand Theft Auto V

Potential Grand Theft Auto 5 Casting Call Leaked, Los Angeles The Setting?

According to online sleuth and all-round secret spiller, Superannuation, Grand Theft Auto V is on the lookout for actors and actresses to fill the countless eccentric and neurotic roles to fill Rockstar's next wacky adventure. After much digging, he's discovered a casting list on The Agency Online for an upcoming project known as Rush. The cast of characters run the gamut from "weed evangelist" to "loosie goosie hippy rich guy", and seem a perfect fit for Rockstar's particular brand of humor. Not convinced? Well, when GTA IV's casting was in full swing, it was dubbed Frozen...

But just how did Superannuation find this? Does his omniscience know no bounds? Well, actually, he's just pretty smart. He knew Rockstar wouldn't be advertising for GTA V specifically, so he did a little digging and found their casting agency, Tesley and Company, had numerous motion-capture listings. One was for a title dubbed Sao Paolo Knights - the Brazilian slums-set Max Payne 3 possibly? The other was a so-called interactive project; Rush.

The full casting list can be found here, and so far it's chock-full of crooked cops, questionable priests, obese FPS addicts and inept criminals. So far, so Grand Theft Auto. And the particular location mentioned in quite a few character's bios? Los Angeles. Or, to be specific, Los Santos, the GTA analogue which featured in San Andreas.

Hollywood has been rumored as a possible GTA V location for quite a while now. It would be a dramatic step forward from the gritty realism of IV, although not too far off The Ballad of Gay Tony, with its night-clubs, trendy techno beat stylings and return to eccentric form. E3 isn't far away now, and I'd be very surprised if we didn't see something Grand Theft Auto V related by then. [The Agency Online]

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ThomGr  May. 27, 2012 at 09:20

You'll probably never read this but..

According to online sleuth and all-round secret spiller

Good stuff.

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