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Pre-Order Aliens Vs Predator £17.99 @ Amazon [PC Games]

Emma Kelly
Action Games, Aliens, First person shooter, PC games

Pre-Order Aliens Vs Predator £17.99 @ Amazon [PC Games]

What an excellent price for a pre-order copy of Aliens Vs Predator for the PC! You can order it from Amazon.co.uk for only £17.99.

After a quick price comparison, the next cheapest price online is £29.99 @ Play.com, which is £12 more expensive!

Thanks to Musicrab over on HUKD for this great find. Musicrab states that if you MUST have the game on the day of release then you'll need to spend a couple of pounds on next business day delivery. Pre-Order Aliens Vs Predator £17.99 @ Amazon [PC Games]

I also agree with Macdorys comment, "It's the right price for PC games ... the higher prices are just taking the mick!" I don't mind paying this for a new release PC game.

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MusicRab  Oct. 25, 2009 at 18:30

Perhaps a bit early to preorder a game that's not out until Q1 2010, but the AVP franshise so far (on PC) has been pretty good.

The 3rd game in the series is being developed by Rebellion. They did the first game (1999) and the 2nd title was written by Monolith. That bodes well because the first game was a cracker!

From a single-player perspective (I'm not a great fan of multi-player mashups) this means 3 mini campaigns, one for each of human, alien and predator. It is (very) doubtful whether the lenght of these 3 campaigns will be greater than 10 hours, as is the case with all single player experiences these days. But provided the action is well crafted it should be worth the entry fee.

Emma Kelly  Oct. 27, 2009 at 19:00

Just noticed through our price checker that it has also appeared for £17.99 @ HMV too, if you prefer :)


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