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Pre-Order Super Mario Galaxy 2 £29.74 @ Tesco Entertainment [Wii Games]

Matt Gardner
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Pre-Order Super Mario Galaxy 2 £29.74 @ Tesco Entertainment [Wii Games]

Mario's back in less than a month for some more planet hopping as Bowser's gone and kidnapped his princess again. Featuring more vomit-inducing, gravity-defying platform mechanics than a cross between Mirror's edge and Apollo 13, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is shaping up to be an absolute peach of a game. Sorry...couldn't resist.

You can pre-order it at the moment for £29.74 from Tesco, which will save you over £2 on the next best price, but just make sure that you enter in the code FTSL15-1 to get it at this price.

NB. Remember to enter in the code FTSL15-1 to get it at this price!

Essentially, Bowser grows enormous, invades the Mushroom Kingdom and steals the princess before stomping off to try and create an empire for himself at the centre of the universe. Clearly unhappy about this, Mario leaps into a spaceship in the shape of his own head and sets off across space to stop Bowser and find a bunch of cutesy critters called Lumas.

So far SMG2 is shaping up to be a sequel that gives us more of the near perfection of the plumber's last outing. Most of the mechanics we witnessed the last time around make a welcome return so expect some 2D bits, blue Pull stars, Mario's funky Bee suit and Launch stars to come back. However, the hub world is gone, replaced by a map similar to those found in New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World, to be navigated between via Starship Mario. Luigi is playable once again and, excitingly, a second player will be able to help out their mates by dropping in as a sidekick Luma to help Mario find stars and kick ass. Oh yeah, and now you'll get to hang out with Yoshi too who'll be able to find secret paths and swing across large gaps with his tongue!

I'm pretty excited any time something with the word 'Mario' comes our way and, judging by early reception across the pond to this game, it looks like Nintendo have struck gold once again. But then, it was never really going to be crap now, was it?

Thanks to amibees at HUKD

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