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Preorder Titanfall on Xbox One for £39.59 from Zavvi

Jonathan Lester
EA, FPS, Respawn Entertainment, Xbox One, Xbox One Games

Preorder Titanfall on Xbox One for £39.59 from Zavvi

Titanfall pre-order | Zavvi | £39.59 (save £4.50)
Voucher Code: PRE10 |  Titanfall hands-on preview

Titanfall is easily the Xbox One's biggest upcoming exclusive, promising to blow traditional FPS multiplayer wide open with massive mechs, parkour and story context in every battle. If you're in the market for a pre-order, Zavvi are currently offering a 10% discount and £4.50 saving with their PRE10 voucher code (likely to be much cheaper than a new copy at launch).

Mind you, I must point out that Zavvi (and The Hut) are famously bad at delivering pre-orders on launch day. Don't say we didn't warn you. Thanks to dealhunter1233 @ HUKD!

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Late  Jan. 23, 2014 at 13:07

Is there any way of checking what the xbox live marketplace price is likely to be?

If it's £50 I think I'd prefer to buy a digital copy (especially if you can get £50 credit for about £40, pretty much making it the same price as this deal).

With games that I'm likely to play for a couple of weeks then never play again I prefer a disk. Gives you the option to lend or sell it.
But for a promising multiplayer game like this, where I'll hopefully play it lots and keep coming back to it for a long time then I'd prefer a digital copy, and not have to bother switching disks every time I want to play something else or watch a bluray.

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