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Prepare to die (and pay) harder in Dark Souls II's Episodic DLC

Jonathan Lester
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Dark Souls II is set to punish you (and your wallet) all over again with three new episodic DLC packs, forming the 'Lost Crowns Trilogy.'

The new content sees you seeking out three crowns carelessly misplaced by Drangleic's King Vendrick, which will lead you to several new areas populated by new beasties and adversaries. Skulking through pyramids underground caverns, you'll die, die, die and eventually triumph over "one of the more difficult levels developed by From Software."

The schedule runs thusly. Crown of the Sunken King launches on July 22nd for PC and Xbox 360, followed by the PS3 version on July 23rd. You'll delve through ancient temples in a bid to secure an artefact that "holds the strength of lords from times long past."

Crown of the Old Iron King releases on August 26th and 27th, set in a "massive tower engulfed by black mist, where flames, smoke & sorcery lurk." Navigation and traversal puzzles will play a key part of the adventure as you "navigate paths that are not what they appear to be."

Crown of the Ivory King rounds off the content on 23rd and 24th September. It's a bitterly cold winter environment, pitting you against visibility-reducing blizzards and foes imbued with ice powers. "An ancient temple wrung with freezing storms, towering walls and a hollowing emptiness" awaits.

Of course, there'll also be a season pass that offers a saving versus buying all three episodes seperately.


I daresay that many Dark Souls II players will be champing at the bit for more content, but it's aggravating to see From Software space out smaller DLC packs as opposed to delivering another massive expansion like Artorias Of The Abyss, which was available at a nice friendly set price. Without knowing the quality of all three episodes, purchasing the season pass demands you to part with money for content that isn't finished -- a mug's game -- yet waiting or purchasing the first episode separately might rob you of a potential saving.

For now, I'd suggest you hold off until we can throw Carl headfirst back into the fire.

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