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Prey 2 Has A New Hero And Is Open-World, According To Source

Felix Kemp
Games news, Prey 2

Prey 2 Has A New Hero And Is Open-World, According To Source

Remember the Prey 2 trailer we debuted earlier? Before the irritably inquisitive Charlie is fried, we glimpse a US Marshall firing off shots at the aircraft's sudden interloper. Well, according to a Kotaku source, this is Prey 2's new hero. Domasi 'Tommy' Tawodi is no more. Additionally, the game is apparently an open-ended, open-world affair, with multiple objectives to pursue on a "seedy alien planet".

Cast your mind back to the original Prey. Tommy is stranded on the Sphere, searching for his abducted girlfriend. At one stage, he glimpses a commercial plane crash-land on the alien vessel, and later in his adventures Tommy stumbles on a former passenger who's since been captured and driven mad by his treatment. Well, it appears Prey 2 begins concurrently, with the plane's US Marshall fending off Sphere soldiers.

What follows is unclear, but the game apparently flashes forward to reveal the Marshall has become a bounty hunter on an alien planet. According to Kotaku's source, the game is open-world, with the Marshall free to explore and choose objectives at his leisure. A new cover-system is touted, where the Marshall can cling from ledges, and there is a "heavy emphasis on platforming". The Marshall can also scan environments and even sentient beings to uncover their identity and even their intentions.

If this weren't Prey, I'd be very pleased with all this. And while I am, to a certain extent, it's still baffling. It seemed a no-brainer to continue Tommy's adventure. We'll be keeping a close eye on this as it develops. [Kotaku]

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Adebisi  Mar. 17, 2011 at 09:41

Sounds like a new game with the prey franchise stapled on to it.


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