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First Prey 2 Trailer Unveiled

Felix Kemp
Games news, Prey 2

We've been treated rather well today, with Rocksteady debuting the first glimpses of Arkham City gameplay in their 'This Aint No Place For Heroes' trailer, and now Bethesda has drawn back the curtains on the recently announced Prey 2 with a thrilling and intriguing teaser trailer. Although it's not quite what you'd expect...

When I first clicked play on G4TV's exclusive Prey 2 trailer, I thought I'd been duped. First off, it's live-action, from the shaky-cam perspective of a man named Charlie, aboard a commercial plane with his irritable girlfriend and other slumbering passengers. I know, confusing right? It felt like a deleted scene from Cloverfield, and I almost clicked stop until a man in handcuffs walked past Charlie's seats, escorted by a guard.

OK, maybe I'll stick around a little longer.

Charlie is requested to turn off his camera by an air stewardess, but it's not long before he's up and running again, this time at the back of the plane. Obviously a very easy man to please, Charlie has a great old time pointing his camera down the aisle at nothing in particular. Then he notices the guard from earlier, sitting beside his prisoner on the aisle seat. Rather unprofessional, the butt of a gun is sticking out of the man's trouser pocket. Charlie is very impressed by this. "That is freaking badass," he enthuses.

A message rings out from the cockpit, alerting passengers to sit in their sits as their due for some minor turbulence. Charlie, still standing at the back of the plane guffawing at the guard's gun, is called back to his seat by his girlfriend. Acquiescing to her request, Charlie is stopped in his tracks when a bright green light glows from the right hand-side windows. Everyone on-board turns to stare at the light, before the plane takes a mighty shake and a blinding flash of light erupts in the cabin.

An inhuman voice laughs from the end of the cabin. Blinded, Charlie can only squint at the light as all the other passengers scream and attempt to escape their seats. A figure can be seen, indistinct but quite obviously threatening. Charlie is knocked to the floor by a concussive blast, dropped his camera which lands in the perfect position to capture the guard standing to fire off several shots at the impromptu arrival.

More screams. More impacts. Charlie is thrown to the rear cabin, as the inhuman voice roars and fires off a strange-sounding weapon. Charlie narrowly dodges a shot. Breathing a sigh of relief, the view buckles and blurs as a concussive round hits Charlie and drops him to the floor, singing. The plane enters free-fall, Charlie's camera whirling about, snatching glimpses of the halving fuselage, plummeting passengers and debris. Finally, detached from the plane and spinning in the air, it captures one last scene.

The plane, caught under the gigantic bulk of a colossal, glowing object. The Sphere. It's quite the trailer, bucking the usual trend of computer-generated teasers. While it shows nothing of the story itself or even protagonist Tommy, it appears the original game's aliens are back for revenge. Prey 2 is due for release at an unspecified time next year. [G4TV]

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Jaffo  Mar. 16, 2011 at 08:32

That was pretty good, especially the part when Charlie got zapped; he was just plain annoying.


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