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Prey | £2.50 | Direct2Drive | PC

Carl Phillips
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Prey | £2.50 | Direct2Drive | PC

What happens when you put Native Americans, a bunch of aliens, and a disregard for gravity all together? A development cycle of about 10 years apparently, although this title was overseen by 3D Realms so that probably shouldn’t be a surprise. That said, this game actually turned out to be a fun little gem, that was overshadowed by efforts from Half Life: Episode One at the time, where you use variable gravity, portals and ancestral spirit powers to thwart an alien abduction and rescue your girl (oh, and Earth, but priorities, you know?) The action can be disorientating but if you fancy an FPS that will have you doing more than just shooting then for the price it’s worth a gander.

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Emma Kelly  Sep. 30, 2010 at 17:33

I enjoyed this game, though there were some pretty nauseous moments because of the movement...


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