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Prince of Persia £9.99 Instore/Online @ Grainger Games [PS3 Game]

Marius Goubert
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Prince of Persia £9.99 Instore/Online @ Grainger Games [PS3 Game]

Read through the reviews and you’ll quickly realise that Prince of Persia is not your average adventure game. Indeed, everyone who has played it seems to have fallen into a sort of trance, as though they’ve just been off in wonderland playing croquet with the queen of hearts, drinking tea with rabbits or flying around Neverland with Peter Pan. It has just left all the critics completely spellbound, and if like me you’re really intrigued to see how, check out Grainger Games who are offering Prince of Persia for just £9.99.

However this does not include postage and packaging which will set you back around £2 - unless you can get to the store to pick up a copy yourself. But do keep in mind that this is still a great saving given that the next cheapest copy will cost you nearly £15.

So what is behind the Prince of Persia’s mystical power? Well for a start it’s definitely not the Prince who, far from being charming, as by all accounts is a total idiot and really annoying. The story starts with this cheeky nomad – you would never guess to be a prince – looking for his donkey in the middle of a sandstorm. However this is no ordinary sandstorm. And out the dust comes the prince’s graceful, enigmatic and totally bewitching female companion Elika.

Whatever the power which this game seems to exude upon all who play it, the character of Elika seems to be about 90% of it. I mean in a massive four page review on a site (whose name I won’t mention), about 60% of it was all about her! It began with a description about what a great additional character she was, how she added so much depth to the game, how she helped the player overcome obstacles etc. But then in a crescendo of passion, the reviewer really started raving. He insisted he genuinely cared for her, that to him the game became all about protecting her and how he only wished she was real so he could marry her!

Indeed, just trying to find out about Prince of Persia is really challenging because instead of reviews all you get are these love odes to Elika. However after doing some digging it turns out that Prince of Persia is an open world 3D platformer. A game which stunning visuals, superb gameplay and, although slightly easier than its predecessors, a sequel which offers a refreshing new take on a very popular series.

So if you like magical/fantasy type RPG’s this is one of the best – scoring a massive 9.1 on IGN. But remember the game makes a powerful impression so handle with care. Your journey with Elika could lead an unhealthy obsession which, as images of her begin to converge on your bedroom wall, could wreck your home, cost you your marriage and eventually, maybe even your sanity!

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