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Prison Architect Alpha 3 Now Available

Matt Gardner
Introversion, PC games, Prison Architect, Videos

Introversion have announced that Alpha version 3 of their incarceration simulator - Prison Architect - is now available. This little update will add in a "fog of war" feature that kicks in when guards leave their posts. A new CCTV feature help to remedy that, but as the developers themselves note, "prisoners have a habit of finding the blind spots".

Check out the video above for all of the new details.

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Tsung  Nov. 2, 2012 at 08:43

Got this, and have enjoyed playing around with Alpha 2. Watching the prisoners is a key aspect to the game. I mean they do unexpected things especially during free time.. Like if they are in their cell and need to go to the toilet they will rather walk to the holding cell (communal) and go there than use the toilet next to them.

Alpha 3.. Not convinced by the Fog of War it needs more thinking. As guards are the only people who can reveal the fog a lot of enjoyable watching it happen is now hidden. A brave move, but ultimately a mistake I feel. * We can turn it off at the moment. :P


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