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From Project Natal To Tony Hawk: News Roundup July 16th

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Project Natal looks set to be the future of office equipment  in Thursday’s news roundup, while Sony is cracking down on PlayStation Home abusers. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 gets an online mode, and Tony Hawk Ride gets a sequel, even though the first game hasn’t even been completed yet!

Project Natal to Connect with PC’s

From Project Natal To Tony Hawk: News Roundup July 16th

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has revealed he intends to do a lot more with Project Natal than previously speculated.  Project Natal was initially seen as an Xbox 360 peripheral, but Gates explains it's meant “for media consumption as a whole”, going on to explain it’s ability to connect to PCs.

Gates hopes to see Project Natal as a mainstay in offices around the world, with connection to Windows PCs allowing “for interacting in terms of meetings, and collaboration, and communication”.

The main aim of Project Natal on the 360 is the ability to control games utilizing your whole body, and Microsoft have shown how this can apply to PCs, browsing menus using only hand gestures. The technology is still being developed, but if everything goes according to plan Microsoft may just revolutionize the way we use computers.  [Cnet]

PlayStation Home Being Misused

From Project Natal To Tony Hawk: News Roundup July 16th

Anyone on PlayStation Home frequently asking others for their PSN identification and password, may find themselves penalised by Sony. PlayStation Home community manager CydoniaX announced on the official forums “As many of you are already aware, there are members of our community who are requesting your PSN identification and password to grant select items in Home”.

She reminds users that the home staff will never ask for passwords or personal details, and any members violating the terms of service will be handled accordingly.  You have been warned.  [1UP]

Ninja Gaiden to Get Online Mode

From Project Natal To Tony Hawk: News Roundup July 16th

Famitsu magazine have confirmed that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will feature an online co-op mode, although this won’t be part of the main game.  Referred to as “team mission”, the mode allows you to select from a variety of missions that must be completed as a pair, either with a second player online, or a CPU-controlled ally.  Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will be hitting the PS3 in Japan on October 2nd, with more details as they become available.  [1UP]

Tony Hawk Ride Sequel Planned

From Project Natal To Tony Hawk: News Roundup July 16th

Despite not even having Tony Hawk Ride on the shelves, Robomodo has already expressed their interest in developing a sequel.  Studio president Josh Tsui reported although they’re focused on getting Tony Hawk Ride finished, they are brainstorming ideas and continuously writing up game proposals for a new game.

It's just a matter of timing.  With Tony Hawk: Ride finishing up, we have to think about the sequel to the game and where that fits into our schedules” says Josh.  Tony Hawk Ride will be skating into stores October 13th, with Tony Hawk Ride 2, 3, 4 and 5 already in the works by that stage.  [IndustryGamers]

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