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Project Spark Revealed For Xbox One & Windows 8: An Open World Digital Canvas

Jonathan Lester
Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference, PC games, Project Spark, Windows 8, Xbox One Games

"Making A Game Becomes A Game Itself"

Xbox One and Windows 8 will play host to an accessible game design studio that lets players create their own games using Kinect commands and SmartGlass controls. Worlds can be assembled with simple landscape palletes and terrain brushes, followed by fine details such as towns, NPCs and AI behaviours. Communities can share their creations - even down to AI and tiny design flourishes - perhaps creating a Microsoft contender to Sony's Play Create Share titles.

During the Microsoft E3 press conference, the developers behind the project quickly fleshed out a game world. Terrain, rivers and a town were quickly stamped into place using a mix of Kinect shortcuts and traditional controls, followed by an inanimate rock that became a pet by adding AI behaviour to its 'brain.' All objects in the game can be assigned different behaviors, from NPCs to enemies. After adding some nasties, the designers quickly turned the tiny boulder into a warrior... followed by a mech... all on the fly. It's likely that much of this procedure was cut or streamlined for the show, but it's an impressive look into what could be an addictive game design

Players will be able to share their projects and design elements online for others to play or continue working on.

In many ways, Project Spark will function much like Microsoft's answer to LittleBigPlanet. We love the idea, and look forward to seeing more of Project Spark over the coming months.

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