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From Propaganda's Closure To 3DS Price Vindication - News Roundup 20th January 2011

Matt Gardner
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Disney Call Time On Propaganda Games

From Propaganda's Closure To 3DS Price Vindication - News Roundup 20th January 2011

Propaganda Games, who developed 2008's Turok and the recent Tron: Evolution, has officially closed. The news was confirmed yesterday in a short statement issued to Joystiq:

Disney Interactive Studios confirms the closure of its Vancouver-based internal game development studio, Propaganda Games. The studio has completed all work associated with its most recent project.

Following the cancellation of Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned last October, and the downsizing that occurred then, this was a fairly predictable outcome following Tron: Evolution's release, although it's never good to see a studio go under. We hope the developers will find their way back into the game soon.

Konami To Take 100% Stake In Hudson Come April

From Propaganda's Closure To 3DS Price Vindication - News Roundup 20th January 2011

Konami, who've previously held a 54% stake in Bomberman publisher Hudson since 2005, have confirmed that they are to make the Japanese developers a wholly-owned subsidiary come April 1st.

Konami's Kazuhiko Uehara will be replacing Hudson's top dog Michihiro Ishzuka and Konami is yet to declare whether or not the studio will keep its name.

With Hudson having proved a useful asset to Nintendo in the past it'll be interesting to see whether or not this is the start of a closer friendship between Ninty and Konami. What is relatively certain is Konami's intent to utilise Hudson to make more noise when it comes to mobile and social gaming, with Konami also revealing plans to absorb another Japanese developer in Digital Golf.

3DS: Nintendo Preparing For 'Biggest Hardware Launch'

From Propaganda's Closure To 3DS Price Vindication - News Roundup 20th January 2011

With the 3DS looking likely to retail over here for £219-229, there have been some rumblings that Nintendo might have set their sights a little high with this one. After all, you can buy a PS3 for that. But, speaking at the 3DS conference, Nintendo UK's general manger David Yarnton suggested that the price was completely justified, on the basis that there are no consumer electronics on the market that compare to the 3DS:

Indications that we've had so far from retail is that they are really happy with the price and demand indicates it will be our biggest launch in terms of hardware. [...] If you look at the value proposition, there's not a 3D entertainment device in the market at that price point. Not only a device that you can play games on but as a communication device, being able to download content with some of our partners like Eurosport and Sky.

Nintendo are confident that they can fulfil the enormous demand that's been received for the system. Furthermore, they appear to be very committed to spreading the word, navigating the issues that traditional advertising might present by attempting to get up to half a million people to test it out by April:

We're looking at between 4-500,000 consumer samples up to Easter this year. And because we're doing a combination of not only interactive in stores but also consumer events, and then samples in shopping centres... we see the opportunity as so important. How do we explain the 3D? We can paint a picture but until you actually experience it you're not going to see the full value of it. Sampling is huge, it's a major investment for us.

Ambitious words and, although we couldn't make the event in Amsterdam we did manage to check out the console for ourselves last year, and it's difficult not to admire the commitment to hands-on consumer previews.

With games expected to retail at £40, though, it might be an expensive year. What are your thoughts? Are you as psyched as we are? Let us know below. [via GamesIndustry.biz]

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Hector  Jan. 20, 2011 at 17:07

I am about as eager to get a Nintendo 3DS as I am to get genital herpes.

Gunn  Jan. 20, 2011 at 18:20

Parents will be forced to buy it for their kids no matter the price, Nintendo probably relying on that fact, I don't think anyone can accuse Nintendo of being great value for money.

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