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Prototype £13.60 (With Promotional Code) @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 & PS3 Games]

Felix Kemp
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Prototype £13.60 (With Promotional Code) @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 & PS3 Games]

If you're the sort of the individual who, when roaming the streets of GTA, you randomly shoot a passerby or mow down a flock of civilians at a bus stop, just for the sheer homicidal fun of it, then Prototype might be your kind of game, and at £13.60 at Tesco Entertainment, it's at its cheapest price yet! Just input the promotional code FTSL15-1 at checkout.

Prototype was a hotly anticipated title when it released in June of last year, but due to a number of glitches, shoddy design and mediocre visuals, it could only average a 79 on MetaCritic. However, it's vast city, numerous challenges and unlocks, along with brutal, bloody combat, wowed many a critic, and for fans of violent videogames, Prototype is something of a messiah.

It's set in New York, where as Alex Mercer, a gravelly voiced hooded emo prone to internal monologues, you wake up on an operating table with a couple of doctors about to perform an autopsy on your supposed remains. Except you escape, and as you're pursued by a relentless military force, you discover a range of abilities you can perform. Superhuman leaps, allowing you to bound from rooftop to rooftop, or hurl cars into pedestrians. Alex can also absorb passersby and significant military foes, assimilating their form and function, allowing him to access their most private and deep-seated of memories.

Which ties into the game's pretentiously-titled 'Web of Intrigue', where Alex must solve the mystery of his death and ressurection, and the growing mutant problem plaguing New York city. Violent freaks of nature with abilities similar to Alex are laying waste to the sprawling metropolis, and Alex can only grow stronger by absorbing them and their powers. By absorbing characters and monsters critical to the story, he unlocks nodes in the 'Web of Intrigue' splintering the story into coherence.

Prototype's problems stem from the overall lack of polish. New York is huge, and you can pretty much go wherever you can see. But it's design is uninspired, which is made only worse by a drab colour-scheme, low-resolution textures and a shoddy draw-distance. The carnage you can wreak on the streets is excellent, however. Alex can barrel down a busy road, hurdling cars or swatting them aside, surf a corpse, kick it into an enemy, slice a tank until it explodes, and hurl a tentacle at a swooping helicopter and smash it into the ground. The frame-rate is mostly solid, but the lackluster animation and poor particle-effects mean it lacks those explosive cinematic touches. It's functional, just not fantastic.

But as I said, if you're in the mood for something chaotic and mindlessly violent, then Prototype is a sure thing. It's been built around the entire idea of causing chaos and bloodshed. For fans of pulpy, fan-fiction-esque narratives, with clandestine organizations, secret military experiments, escaped mutant epidemics and an anti-hero with a voice so gravelly it's a wonder stones don't spit from his mouth when he speaks, then this is a no-brainer at such a price.

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Johnters  Jun. 8, 2010 at 17:17

Not sure your intro to this post is the great less than a week after Derrick Bird oop north... :s

StauntonLick  Jun. 8, 2010 at 18:48

Should note that this game has a pretty funky control scheme, which means whenever I've left it for a while to play something good, it's a lot harder to get back into. It's hard to believe in yourself as a superhero when you're crashing between buildings and standing still while being shot at.


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