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Prototype 2 Dev Trailer Explains Mercer's Villainous Transformation

Matt Gardner
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Prototype 2 Dev Trailer Explains Mercer's Villainous Transformation
We're rather of the opinion here at Dealspwn that whilst Prototype was a fun little superhero game/murder simulator, Alex Mercer is probably one of the most boring protagonists of all time. In this new trailer, however, Radical explain why they opted to ditch the infected, gravelly voice lump of cardboard as a heroic central character and recast him as the villain.

With Mercer buffed out, with players having taken him to the height of his powers, the question is asked 'where do you go next?'

'You make him the enemy,' as senior designer John Howard puts it, 'but make him a really interesting enemy and then create a new protagonist. Right up front you have two interesting characters: James Heller, a family man who's lost his family to the virus...and Alex Mercer, who's responsible for unleashing that virus.'

Senior producer, Paul Pawlicki, likens the plot to the classic 'David and Goliath' or 'Luke and Darth Vader' conflict stories. 'That type of story is very clear. You know what your goal is: You are out there to murder your maker.'

There's also some pre-alpha in-game footage in there too.

Prototype 2 is slated for a 2012 release on PC, PS3 and X360.

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