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PS Vita & 12GB PS3 Getting European Price Cut

Jonathan Lester
PS Vita, PS3, Sony Gamescom Press Conference 2013

PS Vita & 12GB PS3 Getting European Price Cut

Sony has announced price cuts for the PS Vita and 12GB entry-level PS3 console in Europe. As of tomorrow, both systems consoles will cost €199 at RRP - while PS Vita memory cards will be "significantly" discounted.

We've yet to get official word on UK prices, or indeed whether this price cut is limited to the mainland (but expect a similar figure). Stay tuned.

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Realhoneyman  Aug. 20, 2013 at 19:40

As long as the RRP reduction drives prices down across the board in stores/online then bring it on. Yes for bringing down the price of proprietary memory cards as well.

Had my eyes on a VITA for a while so hopefully by Christmas I can find myself a really tasty bundle to pick up (and crack open that VITA game I bought last month to give myself a further push).

Late  Aug. 21, 2013 at 09:46

I, too, have been toying with getting a Vita. If I'm getting a ps4 (and therefore would be paying for ps+) then it makes sense to also buy the handheld console too.
I'd buy the 8-pack of games that's doing the rounds and a bigger memory card, and then hopefully live off those eight games plus whatever they give away on ps+.
The price of the memory cards is ridiculous. You can get a 32gb micro sdhc for about £15, but if you want Sony's proprietary version you need to pay about £55. Come on, Sony. We know you're here to make money, but that's taking the p1ss!

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