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PS Vita Prepares For PS4 With New Firmware Update

Jonathan Lester
Firmware Update, PS Vita, PS4, Sony

PS4 Link! Better Friends List! Slow News Day!

With the PlayStation 4 scant days away in the States and less than a month here, its little handheld pal is rolling out the welcome mat with a new firmware update.

Firmware update v.3.00 primarily adds the PS4 Link app, which will allow you to access the Remote Play and Second Screen functionality. The Friends and Messages applications have been significantly improved to allow for the massively expanded friends list and cross-platform chat, while Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts can now be directly synced with your Vita if you really want to infect it with work.

There'll also be an automatic update option, meaning that you can let your Vita handle its own firmware updates from now on. It's all explained in the handy video, or in more detail on the PlayStation Blog.

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