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PS3 320GB + Pro Evo Soccer 2011 | £259.93 | The Hut | PS3

Felix Kemp
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Playstation 3

PS3 320GB + Pro Evo Soccer 2011 | £259.93 | The Hut | PS3

Great deal here for PS3 fence-sitters, with The Hut offering a 320GB version of the PS3, bundled with a free copy of Pro Evo Soccer 2011, for just £259.93. It's quite a pricy purchase, but with an enormous 320GB hard-drive, you'll never have to fret about space or memory limitations, and the free copy of Pro Evo means you can get gaming from the off. Not to sound like a Sony PR man, but as a piece of technology, the PS3 is vastly superior the the 360 or the Wii, packing a blu-ray player, free internet and online gaming, exclusive partnerships like BBC iPlayer, and a slew of much-loved Sony exclusives, like God of War, Uncharted and Killzone. However, while the online is free, it's still a fair few steps behind LIVE, and the library of games is purely dependent on your tastes. FPS' tend to fare better on the 360, which also enjoys a slew of post-release exclusive content. I myself own both. It's fun.

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