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PS3 Custom Firmware Users Face Lifetime PSN Bans

Jonathan Lester
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PS3 Custom Firmware Users Face Lifetime PSN Bans

Sony is getting tough on PS3 hackers following new custom firmware doing the rounds, threatening lifetime PSN bans for those involved.

The latest Sony consumer alert says it all.

"Unauthorized software for the PlayStation 3 system was recently released by hackers," the update reads.

"Use of such software violates the terms of the System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System and the Terms of Services and User Agreement for the PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network and its Community Code of Conduct provisions.

"Violation of the System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation3 system invalidates the consumer's right to access that system.

"Consumers running unauthorized or pirated software may have their access to the PlayStation Network and access to Sony Entertainment Network services through PlayStation 3 system terminated permanently. To avoid permanent termination, consumers must immediately cease using and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems."

Sony are doubtlessly worried about the discovery and distribution of LV0 decryption keys that could well make battling custom firmware extremely difficult. That said, we doubt that most PS3 owners running custom firmware will connect to the PlayStation Network in the first place...

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socialjeebus  Nov. 15, 2012 at 02:46

I'm an EU PS+ customer and I do spend a fair bit on the PSN store mainly because I spend most of the year in Korea and as bad as the EU PSN store is, at least it's open - Korea's has been closed for 5 months now and will probably not re-open. Here's the thing, until recently I never considered CFW however with the ridiculous prices of EU day 1 digital releases (60 quid for MOH, NFS MW and FIFA 13 but 40 quid for the same game for US customers - really EA?), the generally terrible release/PSN update mishaps at SCEE (RC Rampage, CS:Go, etc), the whole Singstar XMB fiasco (note: for US PS customers it's an optional download) AND the fact that unless they make future DLC from other regions compatible with Korean region games (ESPECIALLY Skyrim - if the DLC ever materialises) then unfortunately OFW's fate is sealed for me.

I'm not paying twice for a game just so I can play the DLC.

Regarding the price differentials: I did hear one attempted semi-explanation for the price differential between EU and US releases being localisation costs but that is complete BS when you consider that it would cost more to localise a game for Korea (new alphabet, etc) but generally Korean retail games are marginally cheaper than their US counterparts.

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