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From PS3 Getting Fallout 3 DLC To UFC Boss Wrestling EA: News Roundup July 13th

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A new week has begun and along with it a whole new week of gaming news. Monday's news roundup sees Bethesda confirming PS3 will get Fallout 3 DLC soon, 3 guys taking Mario to the extreme all for a good cause, UFC boss slamming EA, and Dragon Quest IX not being all that, according to Amazon Japan.

Fallout 3 DLC Will Appear On PS3

From PS3 Getting Fallout 3 DLC To UFC Boss Wrestling EA: News Roundup July 13th

Bethesda announced back in May that previously exclusive downloadable content for Fallout 3 will see the light of day on PS3, with the first episode appearing by the end of June.  Nothing has appeared yet, but Bethesda promise more information will be available in the following week.  Assuming they follow their original plan Operation Anchorage will be the first released, with The Pitt and Broken Steel following 4-6 weeks after each other.  [G4TV]

Mario Marathon Held For Child’s Play Charity

From PS3 Getting Fallout 3 DLC To UFC Boss Wrestling EA: News Roundup July 13th

Three gamers have taken it upon themselves to complete all of the seven main Mario games - taking no breaks, and finishing with a 100% completion rate, all in the name of charity.

Brian "Shirt Guy" Brinegar, John "Couch Guy" Groth, and Chris "Slouch Guy" Deckard have set up a live stream on their website, allowing you to watch them play through Super Mario Bros, SMB2, SMB3, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy in their entirety, assuming you have the time, or indeed, the desire.

A donation can also be made on their website to the Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity, where an impressive $16,306 has already been raised, with the ultimate goal of $98,304.  [1UP]

Amazon Japan Shows Dragon Quest IX Disappointment

From PS3 Getting Fallout 3 DLC To UFC Boss Wrestling EA: News Roundup July 13th

Dragon Quest IX was the most anticipated game in Japan since, well, Dragon Quest VIII. But according to Amazon Japan the results have been a tad disappointing. The game received an average of 2.5 stars on the website, with a staggering 223 of the 503 reviews giving it a single star.

The main focus of the criticisms are aimed at “irritating” character Sandy, the DS graphics, cut scenes and costume changing, with one reviewer hilariously changing the name to “Change clothes quest”.  Many have pointed out however this could likely be an organized effort by the Japanese internet to discredit Dragon Quest IX, given the extremely high percentage of one star reviews.  [Kotaku]

EA Do A UFC U-Turn

From PS3 Getting Fallout 3 DLC To UFC Boss Wrestling EA: News Roundup July 13th

Dana White, the UFC president has expressed his outrage at EA sports. White came to EA in the early days of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the interest of making a game, but was allegedly told by EA "You're not a real sport. We wouldn't touch this thing.  We want nothing to do with this".

Now that UFC is rolling in the money EA sports has decided maybe it’s not such a bad sport after all, coming to White in the interest of striking a deal. White responded saying "EA doesn't give a shit about mixed martial arts.  They made that very clear."  Regardless EA have decided to proceed in making their own mixed martial arts title, without the support of UFC. White has made sure of this telling all UFC fighters "You won't be in the UFC" if they take part in EA's title.   [Kotaku]

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