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PS3 Firmware Update Prevents Hack

Felix Kemp
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PS3 Firmware Update Prevents Hack

With a lawsuit ongoing between Sony and George 'Geohot' Hotz over the latter's firmware exploit of the PS3 system, leaving it wide open for rampant piracy, the Japanese giant have taken the first steps towards repairing the damage, with today's firmware update 3.60 supposedly re-securing the PS3, patching up the gaping security holes Hotz and other hackers exploited to their advantage. And it's not Sony championing this; it's another PS3 hacker.

Youness 'KaKaRoToKS' Alaoui created PSFreedom, an open source jailbreak alternative to Hotz's hack, and the PL3 payload for USB dongles which, upon connection to the PS3, released code that attacked the system's security software on firmware 3.41 or lower. Chirruping on his Twitter, Youness claims "the PS3 has been re-secured", although admits it can be "broken again from scratch". His cursory conclusion of the new firmware may yield greater results upon closer inspection, and it'll be interesting to hear what Hotz has to say - or hack - on the matter.

So has Sony finally stopped hackers dead in their tracks? It would seem so, for the time being. The only problem is, this new firmware update must appear like a challenge to them, a chance to test their mettle against an angry manufacturing giant. We'll be keeping a close eye on this matter as it develops. [Eurogamer]

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