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PS3 Slim 250GB inc. HDMI Cable, Bioshock 2 & Uncharted 2 £265.50 @ Amazon [PS3 Games]

Matt Gardner
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PS3 Slim 250GB inc. HDMI Cable, Bioshock 2 & Uncharted 2 £265.50 @ Amazon [PS3 Games]

There are some days when the realities of working for a deals site hit home such as when you nip out to do a bit of grocery shopping only to find that you've no money left for food and it's all because three super hot deals pounced on your money stash yesterday and left it hollow and empty. Deals like this one, for example. Amazon have always been good with bundles, but this one is one of the best I've seen for a while, netting you a PS3 Slim 250GB console along with an HDMI cable and two of the best games around.

Basically, if you hit the link below and follow the 5 simple steps that Amazon gives you, you can nab this behemoth of a console, along with arguably the best game of 2009, the pending triumphant return to Rapture and a cable to allow you to experience it all in retina-melting HD for £265.50, provided you opt for free delivery. Considering that not only is the console cheaper (it normally retails on its own for this price if not more), but that you get the as-yet unreleased Bioshock 2 for £15 and, better still, Uncharted 2 for free, this is an absolute stormer of a deal. You could opt for Eye Pet, but we'd probably judge you for it.

There are a few swap out options to suit most action gamers, for example if Bioshock 2 doesn't float your boat you can always go for Dante's Inferno or Assassin's Creed II, but it doesn't impinge much on the massive saving you'll be making anyway. If you've been holding off on swiping a PS3, there's never been a better time to get in the game.

Need proof? Check the HUKD link to see some screenshots that will put your wallet in serious jeopardy.

Thanks to adsldave atHUKD

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