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PS3 Slim 320GB + Medal of Honour - Limited Edition Bundle | £259.99 | eBay [Zavvi Outlet] | PS3

Felix Kemp
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PS3 Slim 320GB + Medal of Honour - Limited Edition Bundle | £259.99 | eBay [Zavvi Outlet] | PS3

  • What: PS3 Slim 320GB + Medal of Honour - Limited Edition Bundle
  • Where: eBay [Zavvi Outlet]
  • Current Price: £259.99

We don't often write up eBay deals, but when it's great value for money from a respected and reliable retailer, then we can't help ourselves. Currently, eBay's Zavvi outlet is offering a PS3 Slim with a gargantuan 320GB hard-drive, bundled with the rebooted Medal of Honour, for just £259.99. It's a great deal, as the PS3 alone can often cost in the excess of £250, but with a newly released game, too, can edge closer to the £300 mark. The PS3 Slim is, as you might expect, a slimmed down version of the older model, running a cooler, quieter chip-set and a sleek, matte finish. With a 320GB hard-drive, you'll never need to worry about too much content, which is a relief as PS3 games often require an install. Medal of Honour, on the other hand, isn't quite getting the same level of success as it had hoped. Regardless, it looks set to be a competent shooter with solid visuals, and with DICE behind the multiplayer, you can't go too wrong, unless it was actually a drunken side-project.

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fanpages  Oct. 15, 2010 at 08:15

eBay Item #290487029290
This listing () has been removed, or this item is not available.

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eBay Seller "zavvi_outlet" is also listing Item #290487029290 for £259.99.

ShopTo.net are also selling this item for £269.85.




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