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PS3 Slim Bundles Including Fallout 3 £249.73 @ The Hut [PS3]

Felix Kemp
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With the PS3 Slim nearing its September release, retailers are already prepping value bundles to sway your wallets into their grasp! Perhaps ahead of the pack is The Hut, with no less than four PS3 Slim bundles advertised, from just £249.73 each!

PS3 Slim Bundles Including Fallout 3 £249.73 @ The Hut [PS3]

Their standard offer includes only a PS3 Slim, the new, sleeker version of Sony’s once bloated console. 32% smaller, 36% lighter and 34% less energy-consumptive, the Slim features a matte-black finish and a feature list to match existing models.

PS3 Slim Bundles Including Fallout 3 £249.73 @ The Hut [PS3]

For the exact same price, you can purchase a PS3 Slim with the epic Fallout 3 game, an HDMI cable the console isn’t usually bundled with, and the movie Day of the Dead to test the blu-ray features.

PS3 Slim Bundles Including Fallout 3 £249.73 @ The Hut [PS3]

Again, the same price, except with a free game, HDMI cable and blu-ray! Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Quantum of Solace, only to 007 aficionados.

PS3 Slim Bundles Including Fallout 3 £249.73 @ The Hut [PS3]

The last of the four bundles also includes the Day of the Dead film, but with Capcom’s reboot of the popular arcade title, Bionic Commando.

These bundles are all great deals offering exceptional value. If you’re not interested in purchasing anything other than the Slim itself, you can probably expect to find cheaper deals elsewhere. However, the bundles offer an amazing saving, with a free game, free cable and free film.

Personally, I would recommend the Fallout 3 bundle, as that game is amongst the best this generation has had to offer. Quantum of Solace is a solid game, and Bionic Commando, if you can overcome the haphazard controls, is an exciting experience.

Thanks to andywedge from HotUkDeals

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Andy  Aug. 27, 2009 at 00:15

Bionic Commando is freaking amazing! I wouldn't recommend it to be the first game you pick up with your console, but it is definately brilliant. I beg to differ on the "haphazard" controls as quite frankly the swinging mechanic presents some of the best controls I've seen in a platformer to date. It just takes a bit of getting used to as it requires some genuine learning as opposed to just mashing the X button all of the time.

Anyway, some pretty decent deals here, don't get ripped off by getting one on its own for £250 :P

John McLaggan  Aug. 27, 2009 at 00:19

Great bundle given many are still offering the PS3 on its own for 250 quid and I definitely agree on the choice of Fallout 3, I'm tempted by one as I want to see what it's like but still probably stick with the original.

Daren G  Aug. 27, 2009 at 08:33

And if you or someone you know is with more than you can get the bundles from
the hut @ £231.


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