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PS4 Announced: The Next Generation Starts Here

Jonathan Lester
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PlayStation 4

Specs & Controller Revealed, Out Holiday 2013

It's official: the PlayStation 4 is real. Sony announced their next-gen console during their New York press conference, revealing that the powerful device will feature a new controller and pack some meaty hardware under the hood.

No, it's not called 'Orbis.' And yes, that leaked dev kit controller was legit.


In terms of specifications, engineer Mark Cherny revealed that the PS4 will feature an "enhanced PC CPU," processing power of nearly 2 TeraFLOPS and 8GB of RAM. The PC-like arcitecture should make for a much easier development cycle, allowing studios to get straight into making great games without wrangling with the Cell Processor. A dedicated chip will allow it to update games and download software in the background, or even after you switch it off (like an Xbox 360 can do now, but also while you're playing online).

At any time, players can trigger a 'low power state' that instantly creates a save state of your game in progress. Think suspend/resume functionality on a tablet. You won't lose any progress.

PS4 Announced: The Next Generation Starts Here

PS4 Announced: The Next Generation Starts Here

The PS4 will be supplemented by a new peripheral: the unimaginatively-named Dualshock 4. In line with the leaked dev kit photos that released last week, the controller features a touchpad, a PlayStation Eye beacon, loudspeaker and familiar thumbstick placement. However, it will also enjoy significantly less latency than its predecessor.

Social Sharing

A new friends system will be based around existing social networks like Facebook and Ustream, with some seriously nifty tech constantly recording your gameplay. A simple stab of the 'Share' button will allow you to upload gameplay snippets to your friends, who can spectate, comment and even hop into your game if you're having trouble. Footage, audio and pictures can also be edited before uploading.

Frankly, MiiVerse might have just been blown out of the water.

More to follow.

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