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PS4 Console + Wolfenstein + Extra DualShock 4 £389.99

Brendan Griffiths
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PS4 Console + Wolfenstein + Extra DualShock 4 £389.99

PS4 Console + Wolfenstein: The New Order + Extra DualShock 4 Controller
Game | £389.99

Game's second PS4 bundle of the day swaps the PS Plus membership for an extra DualShock 4. This arguably makes it the better deal as the official controllers have been stubbornly sticking close to £50 of late, whereas you can usually hunt down PS Plus for around £30-£35 if you shop around enough. With Wolfenstein as the bundled game though, both packages are well worth a look if you're thinking of making the jump.

Thanks to Bure11 at HotUkDeals.

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Late  Jul. 5, 2014 at 11:42

Are you paid by the article, or contracted to do a certain amount, Brendan? http://public.dm2304.livefilestore.com/y2pJuWl-UPs5ANDw7834uQc30Fqn0sAI_bcg_PryzcCDJ-R3Rwc9q3vDXaP34J4MZoCW75Rk7TUtvkM3r-k9pn02X8PI-vLf5yzgMVfqCeSJi8/whistling%20Emoticon.gif?rdrts=79180913


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