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Is This The PS4 Controller? [UPDATE: Yes, Probably]

Jonathan Lester
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PlayStation 4

Is This The PS4 Controller? [UPDATE: Yes, Probably]

A photograph claiming to unveil a prototype of the PS4 controller has found its way onto the internet, featuring a front-facing touchscreen/panel and an ominous blue light on the back.

UPDATE: Eurogamer, IGN and Kotaku have been informed that the picture is legit by various development sources, but confirm that it's definitely a primitive pre-production model.

Essentially resembling a stretched-out Dualshock, the peripheral favours the same thumbstick positions and button placement as its predecessor. This time, however, the front seems to be dominated by a smooth black panel, likely to be a trackpad similar to the Vita's. This ties in with numerous rumours that the PS4 controller will support touch controls and perhaps social features integrated directly into its gamepad.

There's also a blue light on the back. I suppose it could be useful for finding your keys when they slip between the sofa cushions, but in all seriousness, this could allow for motion control to be integrated directly into the core in subtle as well as sweeping ways. [D'Toid]

So, folks, it's time to weigh in. Naturally bear in mind that this could be an early prototype with features that haven't made it into the final production model or perhaps a phony, a big fat phony. We might find out on February 20th.

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