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Another PS4 Controller Photo Leaks Online, Likely Genuine

Jonathan Lester
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PlayStation 4

Another PS4 Controller Photo Leaks Online, Likely Genuine

Touchpad, Loudspeaker, Headphone Jack & Motion Control

Another photo of what purports to be an early prototype PS4/Orbis controller has hit the net, courtesy of Digital Foundry. As industry sources line up to confirm the images as legit, it looks like we could well be getting our first look at Sony's next-generation offering. Meaning, presumably, that touch controls and PlayStation Eye compatibility could well be built directly into core next-gen PlayStation experience.

In addition to the touchpad and loudspeaker (as previously mentioned), this ventral view reveals a headphone socket, perhaps suggesting that wired headsets could well be supported [and party chat out of the box? - Carl]. What you can't see here, as evidenced by D'Toid's first leaked image, is the rectangular blue light at the top of the controller that will likely act as a beacon for one or two cameras (a la PlayStation Move), letting you fine-tune your aim and allowing motion input to be integrated into games in subtle ways without taking the emphasis off traditional thumbstick controls.

Otherwise, it's basically a Dualshock. A looong Dualshock.

Another PS4 Controller Photo Leaks Online, Likely Genuine

EurogamerIGN and Kotaku report that this represents an early dev kit prototype rather than a production model, so expect some major cosmetic revisions.

We still don't know the provenance of the images (I daresay that Sony are launching an internal enquiry as we speak), which means that we can't comprehensively state whether they're real or not. But the evidence is mounting up ahead of Sony's anticipated press conference on February 20th.

What do you make of these images - and are they in line with what you expected?

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StackedMofo23342  Feb. 15, 2013 at 18:32

Looks like a crock of ****.

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